Commit 4351b2e9 authored by Daniel Scholl's avatar Daniel Scholl
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Bug Fix Pipeline task

parent 5993dbdd
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ steps:
terraform apply -var-file $TF_VAFILE $TF_CLI_ARGS -input=false -auto-approve $TF_PLAN_FILE
terraform apply -var-file $TF_VARFILE $TF_CLI_ARGS -input=false -auto-approve $TF_PLAN_FILE
# Remove the flux folder auto-generated from bedrock
rm -rf --interactive=never ${TERRAFORM_WORKSPACE_PREFIX,,}*
......@@ -109,4 +109,4 @@ steps:
echo "File 1: $(aksPublicAgentKeySecureDownload.secureFilePath)"
echo "File 2: $(aksPrivateGitopsKeySecureDownload.secureFilePath)"
terraform plan -var-file $TF_VAFILE $TF_CLI_ARGS -input=false -out $TF_PLAN_FILE
terraform plan -var-file $TF_VARFILE $TF_CLI_ARGS -input=false -out $TF_PLAN_FILE
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