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Changes to reflect the current behavior of generate pipeline script and...

Changes to reflect the current behavior of generate pipeline script and execution of pipelines and test in CI/CD environment
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......@@ -85,36 +85,16 @@ The collections files name are as follows:
> Trajectory CI-CD v1.3.3.postman_collection.json
Python script generates following files in build environment to run the
jobs. One file for each configured platform.
> aws.OSDU R3 PROD v2.4.gitlab-ci.yml
> azure.OSDU R3 PROD v2.4.gitlab-ci.yml
> gcp.OSDU R3 PROD v2.4.gitlab-ci.yml
> ibm.OSDU R3 PROD v2.4.gitlab-ci.yml
When adding the new environment file or changing the name of the
existing environment file is, one needs to update the file
.gitlab-ci.yml manually. This should not happen too often, but when it
does then one needs to add the section if the file is new or modify the
existing section to reflect the changed name. The artifact of the
include section needs to reflect the changed name as well as the stage
name needs to include the changed name. e.g.
> azure **v2.4**:
> trigger:
> strategy: depend
> include:
> \- artifact: azure.**OSDU R3 PROD v2.4**.gitlab-ci.yml
> job: generate-pipeline
Python script generates “test-execution.gitlab-ci.yml” file in build
environment to run execute pipelines and run the tests. The generated
file would have stages for each cloud platform and then each stage would
have tests to run each collection using “newman”
“.gitlab-ci.yml” file has two stages - generate and test. The generate
stage executes the above-mentioned python script that configures the
pipelines and tests to be run for each collection and on each cloud
platform. The test stage uses the generated file to run the pipelines
and execute the tests
Detail reference for GitLab Ci/CD refer to following link
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