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Merge branch 's_v2' into 'master'

nested query fix

See merge request osdu/platform/testing!352
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"info": {
"_postman_id": "d8ec4adf-8ba9-4e97-8b04-1f77d6272da9",
"_postman_id": "61790d65-62be-4475-a4bb-7832f8cd5a3c",
"name": "Search API R3 CI/CD v1.0",
"schema": ""
......@@ -977,7 +977,7 @@
"body": {
"mode": "raw",
"raw": "{\r\n \"kind\": \"{{data-partition-id}}:{{schemaSource}}:*work-product-component--WellLog*:{{standard_schema_version}}\",\r\n \"query\": \"(data.Name:(\\\"NPD-*\\\" OR \\\"AKM-11*\\\" OR \\\"1013_akm11_1978_comp.tif\\\")) AND nested(data.Curves, (BaseDepth:(>2000)))\"\r\n}",
"raw": "{\r\n \"kind\": \"{{data-partition-id}}:{{schemaSource}}:*work-product-component--WellLog*:{{standard_schema_version}}\",\r\n \"query\": \"(data.Name:(\\\"NPD-*\\\" OR \\\"AKM-11*\\\" OR \\\"7391_m0902_1977_comp.las\\\" OR \\\"1013_akm11_1978_comp.tif\\\")) AND nested(data.Curves, (BaseDepth:(>2000)))\"\r\n}",
"options": {
"raw": {
"language": "json"
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