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Update Search API CI-CD v1.7.postman_collection.json

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......@@ -1097,7 +1097,7 @@
"response": []
"name": "C08. [X] Find WellLog with GR Curve (Nested)",
"name": "C08. Find WellLog with GR Curve (Nested)",
"event": [
"listen": "test",
......@@ -1143,7 +1143,7 @@
"body": {
"mode": "raw",
"raw": "{\r\n \"kind\": \"opendes:osdu:*:0.2.0\",\r\n \"query\": \"(data.ResourceTypeID: \\\"srn:type:work-product-component/WellLog:\\\") AND (data.Data.IndividualTypeProperties.Curves.Mnemonic: GR)\"\r\n}",
"raw": "{\r\n \"kind\": \"opendes:osdu:*:0.2.1\",\r\n \"query\": \"(data.ResourceTypeID: \\\"srn:type:work-product-component/WellLog:\\\") AND (data.Data.IndividualTypeProperties.Curves.Mnemonic: GR)\"\r\n}",
"options": {
"raw": {
"language": "json"
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