Commit bb035710 authored by Shrikant Garg's avatar Shrikant Garg
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Merge branch 'avoid_tenant_validation' into 'master'

Avoiding Tenant Validation On Wildcard Search For Kind. Fix #43

Closes #43

See merge request !119
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......@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ abstract class QueryBase {
// validate tenant from kind with the partition id header
public void validateTenant(Query searchRequest) {
if (!this.getIndex(searchRequest).startsWith(this.dpsHeaders.getPartitionId())) {
if (!this.getIndex(searchRequest).startsWith("*") && !this.getIndex(searchRequest).startsWith(this.dpsHeaders.getPartitionId())) {
throw new AccessDeniedException("query kind tenant is not that same at the data-partition-id header");
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