Commit f353ec3a authored by Siarhei Khaletski (EPAM)'s avatar Siarhei Khaletski (EPAM) 🚩
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Merge branch 'add-support-data-partition-id-for-csv' into 'master'

Added support of one more lookup for data-partition-id (e.g. CSV parser uses)

See merge request !43
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......@@ -34,6 +34,14 @@ class Context:
:rtype: Context
ctx_payload = ctx.pop('Payload')
data_partition_id = ctx_payload['data-partition-id']
except KeyError:
data_partition_id = ctx['dataPartitionId'] # to support some DAGs payload interface
ctx_obj = cls(app_key=ctx_payload['AppKey'],
return ctx_obj
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