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Updating for backwards comp

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......@@ -23,18 +23,17 @@ class BaseClient:
Base client that is meant to be extended by service specific clients
def __init__(self, data_partition_id):
def __init__(self, data_partition_id=None):
Base client gets initialized with configuration values and a bearer token
based on provider-specific logic
self.data_partition_id = data_partition_id
self.unauth_retries = 0
if self.use_service_principal == 'True' or self.use_service_principal == 'true':
def _parse_config(self):
def _parse_config(self, data_partition_id):
Example config file:
......@@ -55,6 +54,11 @@ class BaseClient:
if config_file_name not in found_names:
raise Exception('Could not find osdu_api.ini config file')
if data_partition_id is None:
self.data_partition_id = config_parser.get('environment', 'data_partition_id')
self.data_partition_id = data_partition_id
self.storage_url = config_parser.get('environment', 'storage_url')
self.search_url = config_parser.get('environment', 'search_url')
self.data_workflow_url = config_parser.get('environment', 'data_workflow_url')
from import SearchClient
from import QueryRequest
search_client = SearchClient("osdu")
query_request = QueryRequest(kind='osdu:wks:*:*', query="*", cursor=None, limit=1000)
search_response = search_client.query_with_cursor(query_request, bearer_token=None)
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