Merge branch 'aws-update-to-system-schema' into 'trusted-users/amaverma/changesInSchemaCore'

Aws update to system schema

See merge request !258

(cherry picked from commit 5e078490)

46a1498a GONRG-4378: update rules
682c0d66 Merge branch 'GONRG-4378-update-rules' into 'master'
ce395bec sensitive property look-up from env variables(GONRG-4404)
a5b19c1c Merge branch 'gcp-property-lookup' into 'master'
bfa67629 GONRG-4518
a9ac78f1 Merge branch 'gcp/GONRG-4518' into 'master'
a1fadc15 Merge branch 'master' into users/amaverma/changesInSchemaCore
fea99d14 update gcp docs
a3545959 fixing int tests to use Service Principal user
00728fa8 overriding method for iMessageBus AwsImpl
93a9464b cleaning up comments
2f3b067d moving core lib version to top of POM
19d62686 Merge branch 'users/amaverma/changesInSchemaCore' into schemaCore
89f0e132 cleaning up README auth requirements
8ff9742a adding SP auth to bootstrapping
0d31efc1 adding region to boto client and adding pip requirements
5ad94658 printing resource prefix to see if it's available from env variables
28a823c0 fixing bootstrapping empty bearer token
400be5b5 Update NOTICE
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