Commit fe6a75da authored by Thomas Gehrmann [SLB]'s avatar Thomas Gehrmann [SLB]
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remove no longer required

parent aad41280
import argparse
import os
import copy
import pathlib
from Utility import Utility
class ImportFromOSDU(object):
SCHEMA_INFO = 'schema-version-info'
LOAD_SEQUENCE_FILE = 'load_sequence.{}.{}.{}.json'
IGNORE_GROUP_TYPES = ['abstract', 'data-collection', 'manifest']
def __init__(self):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description="Given a path to an LOAD_SEQUENCE_FOLDERS/SLB schema sub-folder release, "
"move and rename schemas for deployment.")
parser.add_argument('-f', type=str,
help='The Generated folder path relative to "deployments"',
parser.add_argument('-u', type=str,
help='The kind of Universe - OSDU', default='OSDU')
arguments = parser.parse_args() = None
self.schema_files = dict()
self.dependencies = list()
deployments = Utility.path_to_deployments()
self.target_path = os.path.join(deployments, 'shared-schemas', arguments.u.lower())
self.load_sequence_path = self.target_path
if arguments.u.lower() == 'osdu':
self.__get_info_file(deployments, self.__get_sub_folder(arguments.f))
self.discover_schemas(deployments, self.__get_sub_folder(arguments.f))
print('Unrecognized universe: {}'.format(arguments.u))
def discover_schemas(self, deployments, folder_parts):
files = Utility.find_files(folder_parts, deployments)
files = sorted(files) # this brings abstract to the front, less work for dependency chasing.
default_version = '0.0.0'
if is not None:
default_version = '{}.{}.{}'.format(['majorVersion'],['minorVersion'],['patchVersion'])
for file in files:
group_type, entity, version, folders = Utility.get_entity_folder_from_file(file, folder_parts)
if entity == self.SCHEMA_INFO: = Utility.load_json(file)
target = os.path.join(self.target_path, *folders, entity)
schema_file = {
'entity': entity,
'source': file,
'target': target
if group_type is not None and group_type not in self.IGNORE_GROUP_TYPES:
schema_file['group-type'] = group_type
elif group_type is not None and group_type == 'manifest':
schema_file['group-type'] = self.__get_group_type_from_schema_kind(file)
if version is not None:
schema_file['version'] = version
schema_file['version'] = default_version
self.schema_files[entity] = schema_file
def __get_info_file(self, deployments, folder_parts):
n = len(folder_parts)
i = 0
infos = Utility.find_files(folder_parts, deployments, self.SCHEMA_INFO + '*')
while len(infos) == 0:
i -= 1
infos = Utility.find_files(folder_parts[:-i], deployments, self.SCHEMA_INFO + '*')
if n + i <= 0:
if len(infos) > 0: = Utility.load_json(infos[-1])
def __get_group_type_from_schema_kind(file: str):
msc = Utility.load_json(file)
kind = msc.get('x-osdu-schema-source')
et = kind.split(':')[2]
gt = None
if ImportFromOSDU.SEPARATOR in et:
gt = et.split(ImportFromOSDU.SEPARATOR)[0]
return gt
def copy_and_record_dependencies(self):
remove_me = list()
if self.__status() == 'DEVELOPMENT':
extension = '.dev.json'
extension = '.json'
to_be_excluded = self.__to_be_excluded()
for key, schema_file in self.schema_files.items():
if schema_file['entity'] not in to_be_excluded:
kind_file = self.__make_kind(schema_file, is_file=True) + extension
os.makedirs(schema_file['target'], exist_ok=True)
path = os.path.join(schema_file['target'], kind_file)
schema = Utility.load_json(schema_file['source'])
schema_file['dependencies'] = self.find_references(schema)
entity_info = copy.deepcopy(schema_file)
schema_info = self.__make_schema_info(entity_info, schema)
to_load = {'schemaInfo': schema_info, 'schema': schema}
Utility.save_json(to_load, path)
print('Excluded {}'.format(schema_file['entity']))
if len(remove_me) > 0:
for r in remove_me:
def find_references(self, schema):
my_dependencies = list()
self.__process(schema, my_dependencies)
return my_dependencies
def order_dependencies(self):
# next round: re-order dependencies
cycle = 0
swapped = True
while cycle < 5 and swapped:
cycle += 1 # recursion limit
swapped = False
for key, schema_file in self.schema_files.items():
this_kind = self.__make_kind(schema_file, is_file=False)
this_idx = self.dependencies.index(this_kind)
for dep in schema_file['dependencies']:
other_idx = self.dependencies.index(dep)
if other_idx > this_idx:
other = self.dependencies.pop(other_idx)
this_idx = self.dependencies.index(this_kind)
self.dependencies.insert(this_idx, other)
# print('Round {}: Moved {} in front of {}'.format(cycle, other, this_kind))
swapped = True
def __build_dependencies_list(self):
for key, schema_file in self.schema_files.items():
append_this = True
insert_at = len(self.dependencies)
this_kind = self.__make_kind(schema_file, is_file=False)
if this_kind in self.dependencies:
insert_at = self.dependencies.index(this_kind)
append_this = False
for dep in schema_file['dependencies']:
if dep not in self.dependencies:
self.dependencies.insert(insert_at, dep)
insert_at += 1
if append_this:
def write_load_sequence(self, base_path):
sequence = list()
for dep in self.dependencies:
parts = dep.split(':')
parts[2] = parts[2].split(self.SEPARATOR)[-1]
dep_without_group_type = ':'.join(parts)
dep_as_file = dep_without_group_type.replace(':', '..')
abs_path = Utility.find_file(dep_as_file + '*.json', root=self.target_path)
if abs_path is not None:
rel_path = Utility.get_relative_path(base_path, abs_path)
sequence.append({'kind': dep, 'relativePath': rel_path})
print('Error: Reference to {} schema not found.'.format(dep))
path = os.path.join(self.load_sequence_path,
self.LOAD_SEQUENCE_FILE.format(self.__major(), self.__minor(), self.__patch()))
Utility.save_json(sequence, path)
def __process(self, raw, my_dependencies):
if isinstance(raw, dict):
self.__process_d_ref(my_dependencies, raw)
elif isinstance(raw, list):
for item in raw:
self.__process(item, my_dependencies)
def __process_d_ref(self, my_dependencies, raw):
if '$ref' in raw:
value = raw['$ref']
if not value.startswith('#/definitions/'): # ignore internal references
if value.startswith('https://schema.osdu.opengroup') or value.startswith('https://schema.sdu'):
self.__swap_record_r2_reference(my_dependencies, raw, value)
else: # standard R3++
self.__swap_record_r3_reference(my_dependencies, raw, value)
for key, value in raw.items():
self.__process(value, my_dependencies)
def __swap_record_r3_reference(self, my_dependencies, raw, value):
kind = self.__make_kind_from_file(value)
if kind not in my_dependencies:
raw['$ref'] = kind
def __make_kind_from_file(self, file_name):
file_name = pathlib.Path(file_name).as_posix()
parts = file_name.split('.')
if len(parts) < 5:
exit('Error: unexpected $ref: {}'.format(file_name))
entity = parts[-5].split('/')[-1]
group_type = self.schema_files.get(entity, dict()).get('group-type')
name_parts = list()
if group_type is not None:
entity = self.SEPARATOR.join(name_parts)
entity_info = {'entity': entity, 'version': '.'.join(parts[-4:-1])}
kind = self.__make_kind(entity_info, is_file=False)
return kind
def __swap_record_r2_reference(self, my_dependencies, raw, value):
parts = value.split('/')
if len(parts) >= 2: # roll up from the back
entity = parts[-2].replace('.json', '') # should not happen
kind = self.__make_kind(entity, is_file=False)
if kind not in my_dependencies:
# print('replaced reference {}'.format(kind))
raw['$ref'] = kind
def __make_schema_info(self, entity_info, schema=None):
if isinstance(schema, dict):
kind = schema.get('x-osdu-schema-source', 'error')
entity_info['authority'] = kind.split(':')[0]
entity_info['source'] = kind.split(':')[1]
entity_info['entity'] = kind.split(':')[2]
entity_info['version'] = kind.split(':')[3]
kind = self.__make_kind(entity_info, is_file=False)
entity = entity_info['entity']
version = entity_info['version']
major = version.split('.')[0]
minor = version.split('.')[1]
patch = version.split('.')[2]
schema_info = {
"schemaIdentity": {
"authority": self.__authority(),
"source": self.__source(),
"entityType": entity,
"schemaVersionMajor": int(major),
"schemaVersionMinor": int(minor),
"schemaVersionPatch": int(patch),
"id": kind
"createdBy": self.__created_by(),
"scope": self.__scope(),
"status": self.__status()
return schema_info
def __make_kind(self, entity_file, is_file=True):
if isinstance(entity_file, dict):
version = entity_file['version']
entity = entity_file['entity']
if not is_file:
parts = list()
gt = entity_file.get('group-type')
if gt is not None:
entity = self.SEPARATOR.join(parts)
version = '.'.join([self.__major(), self.__minor(), self.__patch()])
entity = entity_file
if is_file:
sep = '..'
sep = ':'
return sep.join([self.__authority(), self.__source(), entity, version])
def __authority(self):
def __source(self):
def __major(self):
return str(['majorVersion'])
def __minor(self):
return str(['minorVersion'])
def __patch(self):
return str(['patchVersion'])
def __created_by(self):
def __status(self):
def __scope(self):
def __to_be_excluded(self):
if 'exclude' in
return []
def __get_sub_folder(folder_path):
if '/' in folder_path:
return folder_path.split('/')
elif '\\' in folder_path:
return folder_path.split('\\')
return [folder_path]
if __name__ == '__main__':
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