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......@@ -7,8 +7,7 @@ class AzureToken(object):
tenant_id = os.getenv('AZURE_TENANT_ID')
resource_id = os.getenv('AZURE_AD_APP_RESOURCE_ID')
client_id = os.getenv('AZURE_CLIENT_ID')
#[SuppressMessage("Microsoft.Security", "CS002:SecretInNextLine", Justification="the variable name is getting flagged")]
client_secret = os.getenv('AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET')
client_secret = os.getenv('AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET') #[SuppressMessage("Microsoft.Security", "CS001:SecretInline", Justification="variable name getting flagged")]
if tenant_id is None:
print('Please pass tenant Id to generate token')
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