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The purpose of this folder set is to contain schema definitions in a state ready to
register with the **Schema Service**. Each schema version will have its own file,
grouped together with all parallel versions under a folder carrying the entity name.
Example `<schema-authority>/<group-type-folder>/<entity-name>/entity-schema-version.json`
Example `<schema-authority>/<group-type-folder>/entity-schema-version.json`
The deployment pipeline will initially only deploy pre-processed schemas in this `shared-schemas`
The deployment pipeline will only deploy pre-processed schemas in this `shared-schemas`
folder. The script to do this is [](../scripts/, see
step **2. Upload schema definitions** below. Step 1. is expected to be run by developers or
schema authors.
step **Upload schema definitions** below. The pre-processed schemas are produced by
OSDU Data Definitions
(see [](
## 1. Raw Schemas (e.g. original OSDU) - This is generic and is completed, CSPs don't have to run this step.
Original OSDU schemas are kept under the [osdu folder](./osdu). The
[source is located here](
The contents is produced by the Python script [](../scripts/ .
The structure of JSON files to register matches the expected payload of the Schema Service
POST/PUT requests:
......@@ -48,7 +44,7 @@ to the registration of the main entity schema. This is achieved by a file defini
load sequence per schema version. An example can be found
[here for OSDU R3](../shared-schemas/osdu/load_sequence.1.0.0.json).
## 2. Upload schema definitions
## Upload schema definitions
Once the loading instructions are completed, the schema registration can be launched. this is
done via the [](../scripts/
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