Commit 23dbc891 authored by Thomas Gehrmann [SLB]'s avatar Thomas Gehrmann [SLB]
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accept schema authority as argument, default osdu;

try POST first, on failure try PUT (only supported for DEVELOPMENT);
tolerate "Schema Id is already present" errors.
parent c065f9ae
......@@ -4,14 +4,24 @@ import time
import requests
import argparse
from Utility import Utility, RunEnv
from typing import Tuple
class DeploySharedSchemas:
SCHEMA_AUTHORITY_TO_REPLACE = '{{schema-authority}}'
SCHEMA_EXISTS = 'Schema Id is already present'
PUBLISHED_SCHEMA_ERROR = ['Only schema in development stage can be updated',
'Only schema in developement stage can be updated']
ALREADY_PUBLISHED = 'AlreadyPublished'
SUCCESS = 'Success'
def __init__(self):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description="Given a path to an load sequence file, load/update the schemas "
"listed in the load sequence file.")
parser.add_argument('-a', type=str,
help='The schema authority or partition-id to replace (default via Env)',
parser.add_argument('-l', type=str,
help='The path to the load sequence file, e.g. load_sequence.?.?.?',
......@@ -20,61 +30,45 @@ class DeploySharedSchemas:
arguments = parser.parse_args()
if arguments.l is not None:
RunEnv.LOAD_SEQUENCE = arguments.l
if arguments.a is not None:
self.schema_authority = arguments.a
self.schema_authority = RunEnv.SCHEMA_AUTHORITY
self.schema_authority = 'osdu' # default
if arguments.u is not None:
RunEnv.SCHEMA_SERVICE_URL = arguments.u
exit('The schema service URL is not specified')
self.url = RunEnv.SCHEMA_SERVICE_URL
self.schema_registered = None
self.token = RunEnv.BEARER_TOKEN
self.schema_info_registered = None
self.headers = {
'data-partition-id': RunEnv.DATA_PARTITION,
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'AppKey': RunEnv.APP_KEY,
'Authorization': RunEnv.BEARER_TOKEN
print('Current data-partition-id: {}'.format(RunEnv.DATA_PARTITION))
print('Current schema-authority: {}'.format(self.schema_authority))
ok, error_mess = RunEnv().is_ok()
if not ok:
exit('Error: environment setting incomplete: {}'.format(error_mess))
def create_schema(self):
messages = list()
tenant = RunEnv.DATA_PARTITION
deployments = Utility.path_to_deployments()
start = time.time()
headers = {
'data-partition-id': tenant,
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
'AppKey': RunEnv.APP_KEY,
'Authorization': self.token
sequence = Utility.load_json(os.path.join(deployments, *RunEnv.OSDU, RunEnv.LOAD_SEQUENCE))
for item in sequence:
self.schema_registered = None
schema_file = os.path.join(deployments, item['relativePath'])
kind = item['kind']
schema = open(schema_file, 'r').read()
# attempt to load this kind
exists = self.__does_kind_exist(kind, headers)
method = 'POST'
if exists:
if schema_file.endswith('.dev.json'):
method = 'PUT'
response = requests.request(method, self.url, headers=headers, data=schema)
message = 'Error: The published kind {} cannot be updated; it already exists.'.format(kind)
response = None
response = requests.request(method, self.url, headers=headers, data=schema)
if response is not None:
print('Success: kind {} submitted with method {} schema.'.format(kind, method))
code = response.status_code
if code not in range(200,300):
# response_message = json.loads(response.text)
# if response_message.get('error'):
'Error with kind {}: Message: {}'.format(kind, response.text))
schema = schema.replace(self.SCHEMA_AUTHORITY_TO_REPLACE, self.schema_authority)
kind = self.__kind_from_schema_info(schema)
self.__register_one(kind, schema, messages)
elapsed = time.time() - start
print('This update took {:.2f} seconds.'.format(elapsed))
......@@ -83,14 +77,68 @@ class DeploySharedSchemas:
print('All {} schemas registered or updated.'.format(str(len(sequence))))
print('All {} schemas registered, updated or '
'left unchanged because of status PUBLISHED.'.format(str(len(sequence))))
def __does_kind_exist(self, kind, headers):
url = '{}/{}'.format(self.url, kind)
response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers)
if response.status_code in range(200,300):
self.schema_registered = json.loads(response.text, encoding='utf-8')
return response.status_code in range(200,300)
def __kind_from_schema_info(schema_as_str: str) -> str:
kind = 'Error'
schema = json.loads(schema_as_str)
si = schema.get('schemaInfo', dict()).get('schemaIdentity', dict())
authority = si.get('authority', '')
source = si.get('source', '')
entity = si.get('entityType', '')
major = str(si.get('schemaVersionMajor', 0))
minor = str(si.get('schemaVersionMinor', 0))
patch = str(si.get('schemaVersionPatch', 0))
kind = '{}:{}:{}:{}.{}.{}'.format(authority, source, entity, major, minor, patch)
except Exception as e:
exit('Invalid JSON in payload {}'.format(str(e)))
return kind
def __register_one(self, kind, schema, messages):
method = 'POST'
try_it = 'Try {} for id: {}'
print(try_it.format(method, kind))
response = requests.request(method, self.url, headers=self.headers, data=schema)
is_error, message, method = self.__evaluate_response(response)
if method == 'PUT': # try again
print(try_it.format(method, kind))
response = requests.request(method, self.url, headers=self.headers, data=schema)
is_error, message, method = self.__evaluate_response(response)
if is_error:
message = 'Error with kind {}: Message: {}'.format(kind, message)
elif method == self.SUCCESS:
print('The kind {} was registered successfully.'.format(kind))
elif method == self.ALREADY_PUBLISHED:
print('The kind {} was already registered with status PUBLISHED '
'and was not updated.'.format(kind))
def __evaluate_response(self, response: requests.Response) -> Tuple[bool, str, str]:
code = response.status_code
message = ''
method = 'Give up'
error = code not in range(200, 300)
if error:
# further test:
js_err = json.loads(response.text)
message = js_err.get('error', dict()).get('message', '')
if message == self.SCHEMA_EXISTS:
method = 'PUT' # try PUT, it might have been DEVELOPMENT, than we can overwrite
elif message in self.PUBLISHED_SCHEMA_ERROR: # already PUBLISHED, no bootstrap required
error = False # this is not considered an error
# everything else is an error
except Exception as e:
message = str(e)
method = self.SUCCESS
return error, message, method
if __name__ == '__main__':
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