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pointing to system cosmos/ SA

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...@@ -74,15 +74,15 @@ azure.eventGrid.topicName=${event_grid_topic} ...@@ -74,15 +74,15 @@ azure.eventGrid.topicName=${event_grid_topic}
# Configuration for system schemas # Configuration for system schemas
azure.system.sharedTenant=${} azure.system.sharedTenant=${}
azure.system.cosmosDatabase=osdu-db azure.system.cosmosDatabase=osdu-system-db
azure.system.storageContainerName=opendes azure.system.storageContainerName=opendes
#Name of keys in key-vault for system resources/cosmos db #Name of keys in key-vault for system resources/cosmos db${}-cosmos-endpoint${}-cosmos-primary-key${}-cosmos-connection${}-storage${}-storage-key
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