Commit b03a404e authored by Komal Makkar's avatar Komal Makkar
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intermediate changes

parent 4373c55d
......@@ -29,8 +29,7 @@ public class TopicsRepositoryImpl implements ITopicsRepository {
private final JaxRsDpsLog log;
private final DpsHeaders headers;
private final PartitionHelper partitionHelper;
//private final TopicsHelper topicsHelper;
private Map<String, String> fullyQualifiedNameToAliasMap = new HashMap<>();
private Map<String, String> fullyQualifiedNameToAliasMap;
private Map<String, List<Topic>> topicsMap = new HashMap<>();
......@@ -42,18 +41,13 @@ public class TopicsRepositoryImpl implements ITopicsRepository {
final List<Topic> template = getTopicTemplate();
/*List<Topic> collect = partitionHelper.retrieveTopicNames().stream()
.map(s -> createTopic(, s))
topicsMap.put(partitionId, template);
return template;
public String getTopicAliasFromFullyQualifiedTopicName(String fullyQualifiedTopicName) {
if (fullyQualifiedNameToAliasMap == null) {
fullyQualifiedNameToAliasMap = new HashMap<>();
List<Topic> topicList = listMessages();
for (Topic topicIterator : topicList) {
fullyQualifiedNameToAliasMap.put(partitionHelper.getFullyQualifiedTopicName(topicIterator.getName()), topicIterator.getName());
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