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Cleaning up stray changes.

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......@@ -32,14 +32,14 @@ public class Config {
private static Config config = new Config();
public static Config Instance() {
String env = "LOCAL";//getEnvironment();
String env = getEnvironment();
config.ClientTenant = "nonexistenttenant";
config.IntegrationAudience = "";
config.OsduTenant = "opendes";
config.Topic = "records-changed";
config.hmacSecretValue = "asdf";//System.getProperty("HMAC_SECRET", System.getenv("HMAC_SECRET"));
config.hmacSecretValue = System.getProperty("HMAC_SECRET", System.getenv("HMAC_SECRET"));
if (env.equalsIgnoreCase("LOCAL")) {
//make sure to run register service on a different port. You can also choose to point to Register service that is running in cloud
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