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Adding Cosmos Bulk Insert

Jason requested to merge implementing-cosmos-bulk-insert into master

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What is the issue or story related to the change?

Our current CosmosStore does not perform well with large amounts of writes. This MR introduces the DocumentBulkExecutor package, which is specifically designed by Microsoft to perform large writes. Initial tests have shown large performance gains when using this new package for writing large volumes of records to storage.

High level design: Mirrors the pattern of CosmosClient. Has a class responsible for creating the client, and another class (ComsosStoreBulkOperations) that exposes the APIs from the package.

Issue: N/A

Change details: New constants are defined in CosmosBulkExecutorConfiguration file. Default values for these constants were set based on the default values specified in the SDK itself. Specifying the number of RUs to allocate for Cosmos bulk executor does not have a default, so I specified the default as 4000 (our default environment configuration has a total of 12000 RUs). Other than that it should hopefully be straight forward as it mirror the pattern laid out by CosmosClient.

Test coverage:

Unit test coverage mirrors that of original CosmosStore implementation. Tests for null partition db, empty partition id, and that the client is being cached correctly.

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Pending items

No, not in this repo. The new code will be used first in storage service.

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