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Merge Request Template Added

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## All Submissions:
* [YES/NO] I have added an explanation of what changes in this merge do and why we should include it?
* [YES/NO] I have updated the documentation accordingly.
* [YES/NO/NA] I have added tests to cover my changes.
* [YES/NO/NA] All new and existing tests passed.
* [YES/NO/NA] My code follows the code style of this project.
* [YES/NO/NA] I ran lint checks locally prior to submission.
## What is the issue or story related to the change?
<!-- Please describe the current behavior that you are modifying, 'or' link to a relevant issue. -->
Issue: <!-- Link any __GitLab__ workitem(s) to this pull request. -->
## Does this introduce a breaking change?
- [YES/NO]
<!-- If this introduces a breaking change, please describe the impact and migration path for existing applications below. -->
## Other information
<!-- Any other information that is important to this PR such as screenshots of how the component looks before and after the change. -->
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