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removed debugging code - final update : provided option to select either gateway or direct mode

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......@@ -111,24 +111,13 @@ public class CosmosClientFactoryImpl implements ICosmosClientFactory {
System.out.println("------------------Running the service on Gateway Mode ------------------");
} else {
cosmosClient = new CosmosClientBuilder()
System.out.println("------------------Running the service on Direct Mode ------------------");
// CosmosClient cosmosClient = new CosmosClientBuilder()
// .endpoint(pi.getCosmosGatewayEndpoint())
// .key(pi.getCosmosPrimaryKey())
// .gatewayMode()
// .consistencyLevel(ConsistencyLevel.EVENTUAL)
// .throttlingRetryOptions(throttlingRetryOptions)
// .buildClient();
.info("Created CosmosClient for dataPartition {}.", dataPartitionId);
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