Commit 08d78bc6 authored by Kelly Domico's avatar Kelly Domico
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Use constants for test data

parent dc963bfc
......@@ -16,6 +16,11 @@ public class AuthUtilsTest {
private static final String invalidJwtToken = "invalidjwttoken";
private static final String invalidJwtTokenClaims = "part1.invalidclaims.part2";
private static final String emptyJwtTokenClaims = "part1.e30.part3";
private static final String tokenAudience = "audience";
private static final String tokenSubject = "my-sub";
private static final String tokenOid = "my-oid";
private static final String tokenTenant = "my-tenant";
private static final String tokenAppid = "application-id";
private AuthUtils authUtils;
......@@ -26,11 +31,11 @@ public class AuthUtilsTest {
assertEquals(5, claims.getClaims().size());
assertEquals(1, claims.getAudience().size());
assertEquals("audience", claims.getAudience().get(0));
assertEquals("my-sub", claims.getSubject());
assertEquals("application-id", claims.getStringClaim("appid"));
assertEquals("my-oid", claims.getStringClaim("oid"));
assertEquals("my-tenant", claims.getStringClaim("tid"));
assertEquals(tokenAudience, claims.getAudience().get(0));
assertEquals(tokenSubject, claims.getSubject());
assertEquals(tokenAppid, claims.getStringClaim("appid"));
assertEquals(tokenOid, claims.getStringClaim("oid"));
assertEquals(tokenTenant, claims.getStringClaim("tid"));
......@@ -54,7 +59,7 @@ public class AuthUtilsTest {
public void ShouldReturnOidForValidTokenWithOid() throws Exception {
String oid = authUtils.getOidFromJwtToken(jwtToken);
assertEquals("my-oid", oid);
assertEquals(tokenOid, oid);
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