Commit 2e4c5b3b authored by Dmitriy Rudko's avatar Dmitriy Rudko 💬
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Merge branch 'gcp-hotfix-cloudbuild' into 'master'

GCP release/0.5 - Fix containerize CICD step

See merge request !87

(cherry picked from commit a00dc495)

6dc2ac5f Fix containerize CICD step
parent f40876af
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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ ENV PROVIDER_NAME $PROVIDER_NAME
# Copy the jar to the production image from the builder stage.
COPY provider/indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}/target/indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}-*-SNAPSHOT-spring-boot.jar indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}.jar
COPY provider/indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}/target/indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}-*-spring-boot.jar indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}.jar
# Run the web service on container startup.
CMD java -Dserver.port=${PORT} -jar /app/indexer-${PROVIDER_NAME}.jar
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