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# Data Platform Core Services
## OSDU PMC Project Information
### Organization
Project Lead: @stephenwhitley
**Voting Committers:**
The following are the voting committers for the Data Platform Core services project representing the resource commitment of Schlumberger and the Cloud Service Providers.
- @dkodeih, MSFT
- @fargyle, GCP
- @babeal, AWS
- @wladmirf. IBM
- @ethiraj, SLB
**Maintainer Committers**
The Maintainer Committers are individuals within the Data Platform Core services project with the authority to approve Pull Requests and commit to Master.
- @ethiraj
- @babeal
- @sthende
- @alanbraz-ibm
- @danielscholl
- @renusood
As many as we can get, but primarily the developers that have been assigned from each of the cloud providers and Schlumberger.
* Business Analysts
* @mcleminson - represents the product management of the contribution from Schlumberger
* @gtmurphy - represents the business requirements of the contribution from Schlumberger
* @ango2 - represents the business requirements of the contribution from Schlumberger
* @doniger - represents the business requirements of the contribution from Shell
* Liaison with SLB Engineering Teams
* @ChrisZhang - project manager for the same core services within Schlumberger
* @hmarkovic - SLB Data Ecosystem lead architect
### Services
#### Services in the Systems Group
**[Storage Service](** provides a set of APIs to manage the entire metadata life-cycle such as ingestion (persistence), modification, deletion, versioning and data schema. Storage Service is used to ingest metadata information generated by applications into the Data Ecosystem.
**[Indexer Service](** provides a mechanism for indexing documents that contain structured or unstructured data. Documents and indices are saved in a separate persistent store optimized for search operations. The indexer API can index any number of documents.
**[Indexer Queue Service](** supports the above.
**[Search Service](** provides a model for indexing documents that contain structured data.
**[Schema Service](** provides the ability to register new and validate against existing schemas to support new data types.
**[Delivery Service](** supports the return of Sign URL to cloud sources based on SRNs
**[Libraries](** providing common functionality across all microservices
### Core Services that have been move to the Security and Compliance Group
**[Legal Service](** supports the creation and evaluation of legal (compliance) tags. This project was moved to the [Security and Compliance]( to capture new work in the area of dynamic policy evaluation.
**[Entitlements-ibm](, [Entitlements-azure](, [Entitlements-aws](, and [Entitlements-gcp](** services are available for each cloud provide as there is little common code since this is primarily integration with Cloud specific identity services.
## Key Project Activities
**Note: R3 development workstreams for Core services**
1. [Port running services from R2 to GitLab](
* Migrate from ADO the existing R2 services to Gitlab : `mostly complete`
* Get the R2 CI/CD pipeline working against Gitlab working with OG team : `mostly complete`
* Submit the delta changes (last 6 mo) from DES baseline into this baseline - for example search service fixes
1. Bring in the backlog of additional OpenDES contributions
* New services from DES baseline that were not in R2 - schema service, notification service, DDMS registry ...
* Define an SPI and port these to multiple cloud backends
* Adjust contributed test-cases to work against updated APIs for these services
* Add to CI/CD pipeline to make sure new services also build and can be deployed.
1. Enhanced core services with OSDU requirements
* Community driven requirements such as policy-based entitlements etc.
* Start off architects on elaboration on these tasks right away
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