change context path from /entitlements/v2 to /api/entitlements/v2

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trusted-merge-branch-verification Review
* [new branch] add-api-prefix-in-base-url -> origin/add-api-prefix-in-base-url
* [new branch] azure-devops-fixes -> origin/azure-devops-fixes
* [new branch] haaggarw/CredScanConfig -> origin/haaggarw/CredScanConfig
* [new branch] master -> origin/master
Checking for matching commit SHAs between trusted branch and review branch
37b840f5edf37fdee51096caa90bbfc1c5c96638 trusted-add-api-prefix-in-base-url
2e0c3112cdd7d96732a949e7d4f8ebfe8366043e add-api-prefix-in-base-url
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1