Commit 254c5121 authored by Anuj Gupta's avatar Anuj Gupta Committed by David Diederich
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Merge branch 'entitlement-role-fix1' into 'master'

Entitlement role fix1

See merge request !12

(cherry picked from commit 7b117113)

c6e50a36 Added
253e932a initial code
2dcb55a2 refactor to use common and core-lib-ibm 0.0.9
be76da79 implement missing component
cf2b42fa post groups entitlements
364d09c5 replace Autowired by Inject, ignore authentication
34e25ba3 add all API mappings definitions
70b84f05 removed AppKey
e4383c8e Apply p3 refactoring
6b296bac Merge branch 'master' of...
d005f527 Add OpenID Connect authentication and authorization
9ba56fdd Implement GET groups
c810ae32 Make the global exception mapper log a useful stacktrace
4f87ecc7 Remove hard coded configuration values from Entitlement service and
1670364e Logging configuration
c7c21821 Remove deployment-dependent config from
40975e6a Make the truststore config work for filesystem and classpath resources
087fab82 Temporarily remove all unit tests to focus on integration with the other services
26d5f868 Move the role-base authorization inside the application
f53c5fb4 Update os-core-lib-version
b5ebe85b Fix role names
89715f4e Remove unused bean
1e8bb2b3 Add role query cache to improve performance
c6b7bd5a disable cache for now
695cc27c update core-lib-ibm version
14ca9062 "Implemented the logger"
d7d2ade5 Revert ""Implemented the logger""
cf9796c3 Change some configuration defaults
653dd3da update core version
eabd1d1b Update
a2515b86 Update
93f6d9b5 updated readme
6f770ae0 Merge branch 'Testreadme' into 'develop'
5f5f7728 adding profiling
db9478bb Merge branch 'adding_profiling' into 'develop'
791b84e4 Update
8e7d7d76 Merge branch 'updating_local_property' into 'develop'
67d575b1 Merge branch 'og-master'
9d52a35c Merge branch 'master' into develop
367dd20f add ibm
b276a97a use ibm temp file
62991c38 Update .gitlab-ci.yml
1e0cedd9 add repackge
0714a706 Merge branch 'trusted-ibm' of...
9671e8e7 add start class
5c8cc8ea uncomment scans
be7b9d89 add IBM_BUILD_SUBDIR
50194131 comment fossa out because it is failing
3cd8d9ba comment scanner
1128260e comment out pages
0d44ddfe Merge branch 'trusted-ibm' into develop
cd665569 update ibm core lib version to dev
aa22ff3e Merge remote-tracking branch 'og/trusted-ibm' into develop
3b8e5f9b remove viewer role validation
2b02a18d add role class
55a9aa74 restore master formating
24378b03 remove viewer validation
9cfcc100 Merge remote-tracking branch 'og/master' into develop
e2a6685d post /groups endpoint implemented
d0701a78 Sync og
0b763f5f Merge branch 'sync-og' into 'develop'
1a823f03 Develop
ee2b3d97 Merge branch 'develop' into 'master'
ee1f7047 entitlement endpoints implemented
65628ad7 Overwrite by hard copy to avoid changes at os-core-common
9110d322 clean up and simplicitation
254ba00f Merge branch 'develop' into 'feature-endpoints'
bc3acdbe Add new jenkinsfile
17e818b4 Update Jenkinsfile
f5793176 Update Jenkinsfile
709cdc77 Update Jenkinsfile
26342153 Merge branch 'feature-endpoints' into 'develop'
f0e122a8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'og/master' into synch-master
0c3f3ea9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'og/master' into synch-master
3965afe4 Merge branch 'synch-master' into 'develop'
904580de Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'develop'
10388e43 refactor for testing
718f99a8 Merge branch 'testing' into 'develop'
1b50dccd Revert "Merge branch 'testing' into 'develop'"
f6541375 Merge branch 'revert-718f99a8' into 'develop'
c9e51e50 merged manually ent fixes and user creation feature
6ff0e7bf Merge branch 'ent-fix-with-user' into 'develop'
71379c15 custom GroupInfo
e50d5014 Merge branch 'groupEmail' into 'develop'
47e255c9 rollback groupInfo
c6a62f5e Merge branch 'groupEmail' into 'develop'
bfdad2a6 Merge branch 'develop'
602aa70a Merge branch 'master-merged' into 'master'
d2ee77eb fix create group to make test pass
854931f1 Merge branch 'createGroup' into 'develop'
bef2c0ce create group return 200 and groupEmail
4cc9cf38 Merge branch 'develop' into 'master'
5dee3c84 add member return 200
e5a92d1a Merge branch 'addMember' into 'develop'
b49515f0 keycloak user list limit extended to total user count
d5e56c78 Merge branch 'ent-fix' into 'develop'
24aeaf72 add default user while creating new role
0203e290 Merge branch 'add-storage-viewer' into 'develop'
75314cef Merge remote-tracking branch 'ibm/master' into merge-dev-master
6b9835cd Merge branch 'merge-dev-master' into 'develop'
db13f5f6 Included request parameters instead of body for Get /members.
f17fdf61 Update
46b07739 Merge branch 'No-data-access-token-fix' into 'develop'
7452486a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into fix_members
497d8ddf Merging develop changes into fix_members
642511b8 Revert "Merging develop changes into fix_members"
7bfa1116 Merge branch 'fix_members' into 'develop'
46a69e48 liveness & readiness implemented
d208de1f Merge branch 'liveness' into 'develop'
83bb2e0e invalid role fix added
7b87c404 invalid role fix added
96e48cc2 Merge branch 'invalid-role-fix' into 'develop'
90ed9359 exception refactored
f46e3a74 Merge branch 'excep_refactor' into 'develop'
fdb81ac6 security session management removed from keycloak adapter
d2593247 Merge branch 'security_session_fix' into 'develop'
ab255737 PartitionValidationFilter added for partition validation logic
517421e9 tenant validation to all api except /GET groups also modified
56ff3182 Merge branch 'security_session_fix' into 'develop'
da1a5e6b copyright added
2ae1f552 Merge branch 'add-ibm-lic' into 'develop'
1f6b1876 role-OWNER,MEMBER fix
31e2e2e4 Merge branch 'role_fix' into 'develop'
9419fe2b update copyright comment
b00c72db Merge branch 'update-ibm-lic' into 'develop'
b230f708 Update
0315df9a Update
d6a34fb6 assign role to role creator
5f12ae72 Merge pull request #1 from osdu/seismic-self-assignment
b5a557db role owner/member case ignore
396cdee7 conflicts resolved
parent 930ca9d1
Pipeline #26025 passed with stages
in 4 minutes
......@@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ public class EntitlementsApi {
if(memberInfo.getRole().trim().isEmpty()) {
throw new AppException(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST.value(), "Role cannot be empty", "Role cannot be empty");
if(!(memberInfo.getRole().equalsIgnoreCase("MEMBER") || memberInfo.getRole().equalsIgnoreCase("OWNER"))) {
throw new AppException(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST.value(), "Role need to be either MEMBER or OWNER", "Role need to be either MEMBER or OWNER");
if(!(memberInfo.getRole().equals("MEMBER") || memberInfo.getRole().equals("OWNER"))) {
throw new AppException(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST.value(), "Invalid role provided", "Role need to be either MEMBER or OWNER");
try {
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