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Commit 924a89e1 authored by Alok Joshi's avatar Alok Joshi
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change getObjectIdfromInputId and unit tests

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......@@ -477,7 +477,11 @@ public class EntitlementsAzure
public String getObjectIdForInputId(String inputId)
// return inputId as-is for non-AAD tokens
UserPrincipal userPrincipal = getUserPrincipal();
UserType type = getType(userPrincipal);
if(type == UserType.OTHER)
return inputId;
return graphService.getObjectIdForInputId(inputId);
......@@ -652,4 +652,19 @@ public class EntitlementsAzureTests {
assertEquals(oid, updatedUserInfoDoc.getId());
public void getOidFromGraphService_whenGivenAADUserPrincipal() {
createUserPrincipalSetSecurityContext(TestUtils.APPID, TestUtils.getAppId(), TestUtils.OID, TestUtils.getOid());
String oid = sut.getObjectIdForInputId(TestUtils.getAppId());
assertEquals(oid, TestUtils.getOid());
public void getOidFromInput_whenGivenOtherUserPrincipal() {
createUserPrincipalSetSecurityContext(TestUtils.USERID, TestUtils.getUserId(), TestUtils.EMAIL, TestUtils.getUserEmail());
String oid = sut.getObjectIdForInputId(TestUtils.getOid());
assertEquals(oid, TestUtils.getOid());
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