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import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
def generate_df(columns, index):
def gen_values(col_name, size):
if col_name.startswith('ref') or col_name == "MD":
return range(size)
if col_name.startswith('float'):
return np.random.random_sample(size=size)
if col_name.startswith('str'):
return [f'string_value_{i}' for i in range(size)]
if col_name.startswith('bool'):
return np.random.choice(a=[False, True], size=size)
if col_name.startswith('date'):
return pd.date_range(start='1/1/2022', freq='s', periods=size)
if col_name.startswith('array_'):
array_size = int(col_name.split('_')[1])
return [np.array(np.random.random_sample(size=array_size)) for _i in range(size)]
return np.random.randint(-100, 1000, size=size)
return pd.DataFrame({c: gen_values(c, len(index)) for c in columns}, index=index)
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