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......@@ -9357,7 +9357,7 @@
"/alpha/ddms/v3/query/welllogs/byname": {
"post": {
"description": "Get all WellLogs objects using its name and optionally relationship Wellbore ID. \n <p>The WellLogs kind is *:wks:work-product-component--WellLog:* returns all records directly based on existing schemas. The query is done on data.Name field</p>\n<p>Required roles: 'users.datalake.viewers' or 'users.datalake.editors' or 'users.datalake.admins'.\n\"In addition, users must be a member of data groups to access the data.</p>\n",
"operationId": "query_trajectories_bywellbore_alpha_ddms_v3_query_welllogs_byname_post",
"operationId": "query_welllogs_byname_alpha_ddms_v3_query_welllogs_byname_post",
"parameters": [
"in": "query",
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