Commit 98307852 authored by Cyril Monmouton's avatar Cyril Monmouton
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Restore optimization to remove select distinct index to be loaded 2

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......@@ -350,10 +350,11 @@ class DaskBulkStorage:
List one file per different index_hash.
Read chunks indexes from parquet
chunks_meta_with_different_indexes = {hash_index: meta
for hash_index, meta in chunk_metas}.values()
indexes = self._map_with_trace(_load_index_from_meta, chunks_meta_with_different_indexes,
chunks_meta_with_different_indexes = {meta.index_hash: meta
for meta in chunk_metas}.values()
indexes =, chunks_meta_with_different_indexes,
if from_bulk_id:
# read the index of previous version
indexes.append(await self._future_load_index(record_id, from_bulk_id))
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