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Use LogBulkHelper instead of ddms_v2.persistence code to retrieve log bulk url

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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ from fastapi import APIRouter, Depends, HTTPException, Request, status
from fastapi.responses import Response
import pandas as pd
from app.bulk_persistence import DataframeSerializerAsync, JSONOrient
from app.bulk_persistence import DataframeSerializerAsync, JSONOrient, get_dataframe
from app.bulk_persistence.bulk_id import BulkId
from app.bulk_persistence.dask.dask_bulk_storage import DaskBulkStorage
from app.bulk_persistence.dask.errors import BulkError, BulkNotFound
......@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ from app.clients.storage_service_client import get_storage_record_service
from app.record_utils import fetch_record
from app.bulk_persistence.mime_types import MimeTypes
from app.model.model_chunking import GetDataParams
from app.model.log_bulk import LogBulkHelper
from app.utils import Context, OpenApiHandler, get_ctx
from app.routers.ddms_v2.persistence import Persistence
from app.persistence.sessions_storage import (Session, SessionException, SessionState, SessionUpdateMode)
from app.routers.common_parameters import (
......@@ -275,13 +275,15 @@ async def get_data_version(
if bulk_urn is not None:
bulk_id, prefix = BulkId.bulk_urn_decode(bulk_urn)
else: # fallback on ddms_v2 Persistence for wks:log schema
bulk_id, prefix = (None, None)
bulk_id, prefix = LogBulkHelper.get_bulk_id(record, None)
if bulk_id is None:
raise BulkNotFound(record_id=record_id, bulk_id=None)
df = await dask_blob_storage.load_bulk(record_id, bulk_id)
df = await DataFrameRender.process_params(df, ctrl_p)
elif prefix is None:
df = await Persistence.read_bulk(ctx, record, None)
df = await get_dataframe(ctx, bulk_id)
raise BulkNotFound(record_id=record_id, bulk_id=bulk_id)
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