Commit 46943d2a authored by Oleksandr Kosse (EPAM)'s avatar Oleksandr Kosse (EPAM)
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Merge branch 'feature/GONRG-2761' into 'master'

GONRG-2761: due to migration on entitlements v2 token retrieval changed to print-access-token

See merge request !177
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......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ osdu-gcp-test-python:
- gcloud config set project $OSDU_GCP_PROJECT_NAME
- >
--token $(gcloud auth print-identity-token)
--token $(gcloud auth print-access-token)
--cloud_provider $OSDU_GCP_VENDOR
--data_partition $OSDU_GCP_TENANT
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