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Miscellaneous fixes to the README files regarding the libraries to pull, running the service locally and the integration tests.
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......@@ -46,16 +46,18 @@ Wellbore Data Management Services (WDMS) Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) is
### Library Dependencies
- Common parts and interfaces
- osdu-core-python
- osdu-core-lib-python
- Implementation of blob storage on GCP
- osdu-core-python-gcp
- osdu-core-lib-python-gcp
- Implementation of blob storage and partition service on Azure
- osdu-core-python-azure
- osdu-core-lib-python-azure
- Storage, search and entitlements
- osdu-python-clients
- Client libraries for OSDU data ecosystem services
- osdu-data-ecosystem-entitlements
- osdu-data-ecosystem-search
- osdu-data-ecosystem-storage
## Project Startup
......@@ -114,9 +116,8 @@ python -e SERVICE_HOST_ENTITLEMENTS
1. Generate bearer token as all APIs but `/about` require authentication.
- Navigate to `` and follow the steps to generate a bearer token.
- Navigate to ``. Click `Authorize` and enter your token. That will allow for authenticated requests.
- Navigate to ``. Click `Authorize` and enter your token. That will allow for authenticated requests.
2. Choose storage option
......@@ -260,7 +261,7 @@ To create a `log` record, below is a payload sample for the PUT `/ddms/v2/logs`
uvicorn app.wdms_app:wdms_app --port LOCAL_PORT
Then access app on `http://localhost:LOCAL_PORT/docs`
Then access app on `<LOCAL_PORT>/api/os-wellbore-ddms/docs`
### Run with Docker
......@@ -294,7 +295,7 @@ docker build -t=$IMAGE_TAG --rm . -f ./build/dockerfile --build-arg PIP_EXTRA_UR
2. Access app on `http://localhost:LOCAL_PORT/docs`
2. Access app on `<LOCAL_PORT>/api/os-wellbore-ddms/docs`
3. The environment variable `OS_WELLBORE_DDMS_DEV_MODE=1` enables dev mode
......@@ -315,11 +316,33 @@ python -m pytest --junit-xml=unit_tests_report.xml --cov=app --cov-report=html -
Coverage reports can be viewed after the command is run. The HMTL reports are saved in the htmlcov directory.
### Run Integration Tests locally
This example runs basic tests using the local filesystem for blob storage and storage service. There's no search or entilements service, everything runs locally.
First, create the temp storage folders and run the service.
mkdir -p tmpstorage
mkdir -p tmpblob
In another terminal, generate a minimum configuration file and run the integration tests.
cd tests/integration
python --token $(pyjwt --key=secret encode --base_url "" --cloud_provider "local" --data_partition "dummy"
pytest ./functional --environment="./generated/postman_environment.json" --filter-tag=basic
For more information see the [integration tests README](tests/integration/
### Port Forward from Kubernetes
1. List the pods: `kubectl get pods`
2. Port forward: `kubectl port-forward pods/POD_NAME LOCAL_PORT:8080`
3. Access it on `http://localhost:LOCAL_PORT/docs`
3. Access it on `<LOCAL_PORT>/api/os-wellbore-ddms/docs`
### Tracing
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