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changed process to verify existing pinned requirements

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......@@ -75,14 +75,11 @@ verify_existing_requirements:
- pip3 install --upgrade pip-tools
- pip-compile --output-file requirements.ref
- pip-compile --output-file requirements_dev.ref
- pip-compile
- pip-compile
# checking difference between existing requirements and the newly generated one
# and using the number of lines as exit status code
- |
delta=$(diff -u requirements.txt requirements.ref | tee /dev/fd/2 | wc -l)
delta_dev=$(diff -u requirements_dev.txt requirements_dev.ref | tee /dev/fd/2 | wc -l)
exit $(expr "$delta" + "$delta_dev")
- exit $(git status -s | grep -e "^ M " | wc -l)
when: always
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