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fix path

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......@@ -271,15 +271,15 @@ def diff_record_against_ref(kind: str, res_dict: dict):
return diff_records(ref, res_dict)
def make_base_request_proto(method: str, url: str, name=None, payload=None, content_type='application/json'):
def make_base_request_proto(method: str, path: str, name=None, payload=None, content_type='application/json'):
import json
if payload is not None and not isinstance(payload, str) and content_type == 'application/json':
payload = json.dumps(payload)
return Request(
name=name or f"{method} - {url}",
name=name or f"{method} - {path}",
url='{{base_url}}' + path,
'accept': 'application/json',
'data-partition-id': '{{data_partition}}',
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