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wb movie to common pipeline

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......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ variables:
OSDU_GCP_ZONE: us-central1-c
OSDU_GCP_PROJECT_SA: $OSDU_GCP_SA_PROD #type = variable, in base64
SERVICE_NAME: wellbore #Must be same as in configmap.yaml
SERVICE_NAME: wellbore #Must be same as in configmap.yaml (namespace = name)
......@@ -176,9 +176,9 @@ osdu-gcp-test-python:
- gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file sa.json
- gcloud config set project $OSDU_GCP_PROJECT_NAME
- gcloud container clusters get-credentials $OSDU_GCP_CLUSTER --zone $OSDU_GCP_ZONE --project $OSDU_GCP_PROJECT_NAME
- OSDU_GCP_WELLBORE_DDMS_URL=http://`kubectl get ingress -n wellbore-ddms -o jsonpath='{..ingress[*].'ip'}'``kubectl get configmap wellbore -n wellbore-ddms -o jsonpath='{.data.'API_URL'}'`
- OSDU_GCP_TENANT=`kubectl get configmap wellbore -n wellbore-ddms -o jsonpath='{.data.'TENANT'}'`
- OSDU_GCP_LEGAL_TAG=`kubectl get configmap wellbore -n wellbore-ddms -o jsonpath='{.data.'LEGAL_TAG'}'`
- OSDU_GCP_WELLBORE_DDMS_URL=http://`kubectl get ingress -n $SERVICE_NAME -o jsonpath='{..ingress[*].'ip'}'``kubectl get configmap $SERVICE_NAME -n $SERVICE_NAME -o jsonpath='{.data.'API_URL'}'`
- OSDU_GCP_TENANT=`kubectl get configmap $SERVICE_NAME -n $SERVICE_NAME -o jsonpath='{.data.'TENANT'}'`
- OSDU_GCP_LEGAL_TAG=`kubectl get configmap $SERVICE_NAME -n $SERVICE_NAME -o jsonpath='{.data.'LEGAL_TAG'}'`
- echo $OSDU_GCP_INTEGRATION_TESTER_PROD | base64 -d > file.json
- gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file file.json
- gcloud config set project $OSDU_GCP_PROJECT_NAME
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