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......@@ -7,9 +7,12 @@ from .blob_storage_factory_ibm import IBMBlobStorageFactory
async def get_dask_storage_parameters(tenant: Tenant, directory: Optional[str] = None) -> DaskStorageParameters:
storage = IBMBlobStorageFactory()
access_key = storage._access_key
secret_key = storage._secret_key
endpoint_url = storage._endpointURL
print("minio endpoint url ", endpoint_url)
base_directory = f'{tenant.bucket_name}/{directory}' if directory else tenant.bucket_name
storage_options = {'anon': False, 'use_ssl': True, 'key': storage._access_key, 'secret': storage._secret_key, 'client_kwargs': {'endpoint_url': storage._endpointURL}}
storage_options = {'key': access_key, 'secret': secret_key, 'client_kwargs': {'endpoint_url': endpoint_url}}
return DaskStorageParameters(protocol='https',
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