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Commit d2881226 authored by Yannick's avatar Yannick
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fix unit test

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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ import fsspec
import uuid
from import Tenant
from osdu_az.partition.partition_info import PartitionInfo
from osdu_az.partition.partition_service import PartitionService
from import AzureAioBlobStorage
from import get_dask_storage_parameters
......@@ -13,8 +14,20 @@ from tests.conftest import Config
def with_azurite_credentials() -> AzureAioBlobStorage:
partition_info = PartitionInfo(
"storage-account-key": {
"sensitive": False,
"value": "storage-account-key"
"storage-account-name": {
"sensitive": False,
"value": "opendes-storage"
with patch.object(AzureAioBlobStorage, '_get_credentials', return_value=Config.credentials):
with patch.object(PartitionService, 'get_storage_account_name', return_value=Config.storage_account_name):
with patch.object(PartitionService, 'get_partition', return_value=partition_info):
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