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Fixing issue with unit test when not able to build

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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
"setup:dev": "(nohup redis-server > /tmp/redis.log 2>&1 &) && (npm i)",
"test": "env UTEST=true mocha -r ts-node/register tests/utest/test.ts",
"test-coverage": "env UTEST=true nyc mocha -r ts-node/register --reporter mocha-junit-reporter tests/utest/test.ts",
"test-automation": "npm run clean && npm install && npm run test-coverage",
"test-automation": "npm run clean && npm install && npm run build && npm run test-coverage",
"test-e2e-parallel": "node ./tests/e2e/parallel/run_e2e_tests_parallel.js"
"nyc": {
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