Commit 8a7faca5 authored by Varunkumar Manohar's avatar Varunkumar Manohar
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Merge branch 'slb/vm/updatesvcgroups' into 'master'

Add viewer groups to the subproject service groups list if present

See merge request !101
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......@@ -83,7 +83,11 @@ export class UserHandler {
const subproject = await SubProjectDAO.get(journalClient,, sdPath.subproject, spkey);
const serviceGroupRegex = SubprojectGroups.serviceGroupNameRegExp(,;
const subprojectServiceGroups = subproject.acls.admins.filter((group) => group.match(serviceGroupRegex));
const subprojectAdminServiceGroups = subproject.acls.admins
.filter((group) => group.match(serviceGroupRegex));
const subprojectViewerServiceGroups = subproject.acls.viewers
.filter((group) => group.match(serviceGroupRegex));
const subprojectServiceGroups = subprojectAdminServiceGroups.concat(subprojectViewerServiceGroups);
const dataGroupRegex = SubprojectGroups.dataGroupNameRegExp(,;
const adminSubprojectDataGroups = subproject.acls.admins.filter((group) => group.match(dataGroupRegex));
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