Commit 53e9ba5d authored by Sacha Brants's avatar Sacha Brants
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Merge branch 'slb/dperez50/disable-fossa' into 'master'

Update .gitlab-ci.yml removing temporary fossa scan

See merge request !129
parents a224c474 ebad74e8
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......@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@ include:
file: "build/seismic-store-service.yml"
# scan
- project: "osdu/platform/ci-cd-pipelines"
file: "scanners/fossa-node.yml"
#- project: "osdu/platform/ci-cd-pipelines"
# file: "scanners/fossa-node.yml"
# containerize
- project: "osdu/platform/ci-cd-pipelines"
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