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Merge branch 'e2etimeout' into 'master'

Remove E2E tests from foundations for dataset level access task + Allow only tenant admins to delete the subproject

See merge request !117
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......@@ -218,9 +218,10 @@ export class SubProjectHandler {
// get the subproject metadata
const subproject = await SubProjectDAO.get(journalClient,, req.params.subprojectid);
//Only tenant admins are allowed to delete the subproject
if (FeatureFlags.isEnabled(Feature.AUTHORIZATION)) {
// check if user is member of any of the subproject acl admin groups
await Auth.isUserAuthorized(req.headers.authorization, subproject.acls.admins,
await Auth.isUserAuthorized(
req.headers.authorization, [AuthGroups.datalakeUserAdminGroupEmail(tenant.esd)],
tenant.esd, req[Config.DE_FORWARD_APPKEY]);
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