Commit f1094442 authored by Paal Kvamme's avatar Paal Kvamme
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Honor "iothreads" when reading from seismic store, allowing OpenZGY to do more...

Honor "iothreads" when reading from seismic store, allowing OpenZGY to do more parallelizing internally.
parent ac925be7
......@@ -1232,15 +1232,31 @@ SeismicStoreFile::xx_readv(const ReadList& requests, bool parallel_ok, bool immu
// cloud reads then this needs to wait until the end. Or of really
// fancy, keep track of when all the data has need read for each
// of the original requests.
for (const auto& it : work) {
const std::int64_t worksize = work.size();
const std::int64_t threadcount = std::max(std::min(std::min(
MTGuard guard;
//std::cerr << "Access seismic store (" << worksize << "): ";
#pragma omp parallel for num_threads(threadcount) schedule(dynamic,1)
for (std::int64_t ii=0; ii<worksize; ++ii) {
//if (!ii) std::cerr << ("[" + std::to_string(omp_get_num_threads()) + "]");
const auto& it = work[ii];[&](){
//std::cerr << "0123456789"[omp_get_thread_num() % 10];
SimpleTimerEx tt(*_rtimer);
data.get() + it.outpos,
//std::cerr << "$\n";
// TODO-Performance, if parallel_ok, can I parallelize only this
// loop if it gets too difficult to do it inside the above loop?
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