Commit d2449f13 authored by Paal Kvamme's avatar Paal Kvamme
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Update comments.

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......@@ -494,7 +494,8 @@ getLongValuedAttr(PyObject* obj, const char *attrname, std::int64_t dflt)
static std::shared_ptr<IOContext>
ZgyCommon_getIOContext(ZgyClass *self, const char *filename, PyObject* obj)
// TODO-High: iocontext is now expected to be a dict.
// iocontext is now expected to be a dict,
// but the code supports both attribute and dict lookup.
// TODO-Low: Warning if unrecognized attributes are present.
if (filename && strncmp(filename, "sd://", 5) == 0) {
auto result = std::make_shared<SeismicStoreIOContext>();
......@@ -2509,10 +2509,10 @@ def testLegalTag(filename):
#os.system("sdutil stat " + SDTestSink("legaltag.zgy") + " --detailed")
# TODO-Test, read back metadata and confirm it was stored correctly.
# Not possible yet.
# TODO-Question, there is both a {get,set}MetaData and a {get,set}SeismicMeta().
# TODO-Worry: There is both a {get,set}MetaData and a {get,set}SeismicMeta().
# I suspect the former only sets the "data" portion of SeismicMeta
# but the two might also be completely unrelated.
# TODO-Question, when (and only when) I specify seismicmeta I see that
# TODO-Worry, when (and only when) I specify seismicmeta I see that
# sdutil stat --detailed will show me the seismicmeta and this
# includes the legaltag. Is the legaltag in the seismicmeta
# different from the "old" legaltag? Can it be changed, since we
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