Commit 81c76655 authored by Paal Kvamme's avatar Paal Kvamme
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Expose the verid attribute as a stringized UUID in the Python wrapper.

parent 95d036c2
......@@ -1878,6 +1878,24 @@ ZgyReader_getnlods(ZgyClass *self, void *closure)
return Py_BuildValue("i", self->pimpl_->meta_->nlods());
//static PyObject *
//ZgyReader_getdataid(ZgyClass *self, void *closure)
// return Py_BuildValue("s", self->pimpl_->reader_->dataid().c_str());
static PyObject *
ZgyReader_getverid(ZgyClass *self, void *closure)
return Py_BuildValue("s", self->pimpl_->reader_->verid().c_str());
//static PyObject *
//ZgyReader_getprevid(ZgyClass *self, void *closure)
// return Py_BuildValue("s", self->pimpl_->reader_->previd().c_str());
static PyObject *
ZgyReader_getmeta(ZgyClass *self, void *closure)
......@@ -2149,13 +2167,25 @@ static PyGetSetDef ZgyCommon_getseters[] = {
(getter)ZgyReader_getnlods, (setter)NULL,
const_cast<char*>("Number of level-of-detail layers, including lod 0 a.k.a. full resolution."),
// (getter)ZgyReader_getdataid, (setter)NULL,
// const_cast<char*>("GUID set on file creation."),
// NULL},
(getter)ZgyReader_getverid, (setter)NULL,
const_cast<char*>("GUID set each time the file is changed."),
// (getter)ZgyReader_getprevid, (setter)NULL,
// const_cast<char*>("GUID before last change."),
// NULL},
(getter)ZgyReader_getmeta, (setter)NULL,
"A dictionary of all the meta information, which can\n"
"later be passed as **kwargs to the ZgyWriter constructor.\n"
"Does not include \"nlods\" because this is derived information\n"
"which is not acceptable to pass to the constructor."),
"Does not include \"nlods\" or guids because this is derived\n"
"information which is not acceptable to pass to the constructor."),
(getter)ZgyReader_getstatistics, (setter)NULL,
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