Commit 09bc5559 authored by Paal Kvamme's avatar Paal Kvamme
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Tweak checkout rules so both git hashes are reported by the build task.

parent e15343e1
......@@ -7,18 +7,17 @@ parameters:
- checkout: self
clean: true
path: s
- bash: |
rm -rf seismic-service-bin
git clone "https://$" seismic-service-bin
ls seismic-service-bin
condition: and(succeeded(), or(contains('${{parameters.makeargs}}', 'SDAPI_INTERNAL=ON'), contains('${{parameters.makeargs}}', 'SDAPI_OSDU=ON')))
- checkout: git://Colors/seismic-service-bin
path: s/seismic-service-bin
displayName: 'Checkout additional (binary) sources'
SYSTEM_ACCESSTOKEN: $(System.AccessToken)
- bash: |
echo files in `pwd`
ls -FC
test ! -d seismic-service-bin/. || echo files in `pwd`/seismic-service-bin
test ! -d seismic-service-bin/. || ls -FC seismic-service-bin
displayName: 'Show sources'
- bash: |
test ! -x private/ || private/ OPENZGY_TOKEN
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