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......@@ -13,20 +13,6 @@ wrapper around the C++ implementation and a pure Python reference
implementation. In the reference implementation, zfp compression and
cloud access are separate binary packages but the core is only Python.
This is an alpha release and there are a number of known issues.
Especially regarding performance. The pure Python implementation can
only run single threaded. Ditto for local file access in OpenZGY/C++
on Windows. Ditto for all writes. Accessing the Seismic Store from
OpenZGY/C++ both Linux and Windows suffers from high latency because
it might read just one brick at a time. That results in a block size
that is way smaller than recommended.
On the positive side, multi-threaded reads are supported for Linux
on-prem files and both Linux and Windows when reading from the cloud.
And while the cloud block size is still rather small, the code can
take advantage of sorted files to increase the block size for read
requests sorted the same way.
## <span style="color:blue">Documentation</span>
See the doc folder for human readable documentation.
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