Commit f2fdec22 authored by Jørgen Lind's avatar Jørgen Lind
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Don't use lstat but stat for File::Exists on posix

The fun reason for finding this is that ssl cert files on arch linux are
symlinks, and the autodetect hack didn't work there.
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......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ public:
bool File::Exists(const std::string& filename)
struct stat buf;
return (lstat(filename.c_str(), &buf) == 0) && S_ISREG(buf.st_mode);
return (stat(filename.c_str(), &buf) == 0) && S_ISREG(buf.st_mode);
bool File::Open(const std::string& filename, bool isCreate, bool isDestroyExisting, bool isWriteAccess, Error &error)
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