Commit dab662c2 authored by Jim King's avatar Jim King Committed by Jørgen Lind
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omg release/commit azimuth and mute data

parent a2b0830e
......@@ -2346,7 +2346,9 @@ main(int argc, char* argv[])
options.add_option("", "", "azimuth-type", std::string("Azimuth type. Supported azimuth types are: ") + supportedAzimuthTypes + ".", cxxopts::value<std::string>(azimuthTypeString), "<string>");
options.add_option("", "", "azimuth-unit", std::string("Azimuth unit. Supported azimuth units are: ") + supportedAzimuthUnits + ".", cxxopts::value<std::string>(azimuthUnitString), "<string>");
options.add_option("", "", "azimuth-scale", "Azimuth scale factor. Trace header field Azimuth values will be multiplied by this factor.", cxxopts::value<float>(azimuthScaleFactor), "<value>");
// TODO add option for turning off traceOrderByOffset
// TODO temporary option that will be removed/changed when new respace algo is implemented (traceOrderByOffset)
options.add_option("", "", "order-by-offset", "Order traces within a gather by offset.", cxxopts::value<bool>(traceOrderByOffset), "");
options.add_option("", "h", "help", "Print this help information", cxxopts::value<bool>(help), "");
options.add_option("", "H", "help-connection", "Print help information about the connection string", cxxopts::value<bool>(helpConnection), "");
......@@ -3554,12 +3556,16 @@ main(int argc, char* argv[])
if (traceFlagPage) traceFlagPage->Release();
if (segyTraceHeaderPage) segyTraceHeaderPage->Release();
if (offsetPage) offsetPage->Release();
if (azimuthPage) azimuthPage->Release();
if (mutePage) mutePage->Release();
if (offsetAccessor) offsetAccessor->Commit();
if (azimuthAccessor) azimuthAccessor->Commit();
if (muteAccessor) muteAccessor->Commit();
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