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import openvds.core
from openvds.core import *
from .volumedataaccess import VolumeDataAccess
from .volumedataaccess import VolumeDataAccessManager
def open(options: OpenOptions = None, ioManager: IOManager = None, err: Error = None) -> int:
"""Open an existing VDS
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ class VolumeDataTracesRequest(VolumeDataRequest):
self.requestID = self._accessManager.requestVolumeTraces(self._data_out, self._layout, self.dimensionsND, self.lod,, self.tracePositions, self.interpolationMethod, self.traceDimension, self.replacementNoValue)
class VolumeDataAccess(object):
class VolumeDataAccessManager(object):
"""Interface class for VDS data access.
This class has functions for making asynchronous data requests on a VDS object using numpy arrays or cuda devicearrays.
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