Commit a1a96e6d authored by Camille Perin's avatar Camille Perin
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Fix float metadata duplication value type

parent 737f9289
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......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@ public:
SetMetadataIntVector4(key.category,, metadataReadAccess->GetMetadataIntVector4(key.category,;
case MetadataType::Float:
SetMetadataFloat(key.category,, metadataReadAccess->GetMetadataInt(key.category,;
SetMetadataFloat(key.category,, metadataReadAccess->GetMetadataFloat(key.category,;
case MetadataType::FloatVector2:
SetMetadataFloatVector2(key.category,, metadataReadAccess->GetMetadataFloatVector2(key.category,;
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