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# home ## Seismic Domain Management Service
**Key Objectives & Vision**
* Provide a single consistent path to access and store seismic data objects, regardless of the domain workflow.
* Enable customers and partners to gain meaningful and relevant value while preserving the richness of their data.
* Provide services for indexing, authentication and security while adhering to its usage patterns and common behavior for client isolation, data lifecycle, etc..
* Integrate with system services and impact of reference systems in particular – CRS, units, elevation references (including SRD).
* Provide type-safe and optimized access for bulk data of many data entity types (Seismic 3D, Seismic 2D, Prestack, Survey, …).
* Allow storage of seismic data in different formats, not imposing transformation on ingestion and allow users to keep its original format.
* Allow open formats such as Segy, Open ZGY and OpenVDS.
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