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In validate-tenant-name.sh line 33:
echo "TENANT_NAME too long, must be less than $(( $CHAR_LIMIT+1 )) characters"
^---------^ SC2004: $/${} is unnecessary on arithmetic variables.

For more information:
https://www.shellcheck.net/wiki/SC2034 -- CURRENT_DIR appears unused. Verif...
https://www.shellcheck.net/wiki/SC2155 -- Declare and assign separately to ...
https://www.shellcheck.net/wiki/SC2206 -- Quote to prevent word splitting/g...
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python_check Scripts Check
        tenant_name = currentValue
elif currentArgument in ("-i", "--data_partition_id"):
data_partition_id = currentValue

Your code has been rated at 9.38/10

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$ mdl --git-recurse --rules '~MD013' *.md
README.md:410: MD004 Unordered list style
README.md:411: MD004 Unordered list style
README.md:412: MD004 Unordered list style

A detailed description of the rules is available at https://github.com/markdownlint/markdownlint/blob/master/docs/RULES.md
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